Believe the hype!

Publication ready transcripts

Tailored to your specifications

  • Described audio for accessibility
  • Canadian or American English
  • Verbatim; including "likes", "ums", et cetera
  • Embedded links
  • Formatted show notes!


7 day turnaround starting at $1.59 CAD per minute

For a precise quote or any questions, please contact me!


I am dedicated to providing excellent transcriptions for all your audio recordings. My mission is to improve web accessibility for everyone, to increase SEO so that search bots can access your content as real words on a page (they can't hear everything yet!), to allow podcasters and guests to be quoted and credited accurately, and to help researchers access and search for content within audio-based data.

If you are new to transcribing I would be pleased to show you how accurate transcription can help your business or research. If you're looking for accurate transcriptions without hidden fees and a dependable turnaround, look no further, Secondhand Scribe is here for you.


I hired Kaja to transcribe joint interviews for my research. Not an easy job when there are multiple people talking at once! The service was very reliable and accurate.

- Heather Cluley Bar-or, Ph.D. Organizational Behavior

With her commitment to deadlines and high-quality content, Kaja has been an indispensable member of the EDITAUDIO editorial team.

- Steph Colbourn, EDITAUDIO

Secondhand Scribe (Kaja) helped me transcribe four seasons of my podcast. Kaja managed to turn over multiple episodes a week with speed and accuracy.

- Patrick Johnson, The Start Podcast